AFMA is dedicated to the professional growth and development of its members with particular emphasis on administration and coordination of health care delivery, education and research within Family Medicine Residency Programs.

Professional Development

AFMA is committed to the professional development of members.  The Residency Administrative Development (RAD) workshop is offered in conjunction with the annual Residency Program Solutions (RPS) conference.  This workshop focuses on the educational needs and development of new and seasoned coordinators, administrators, and program and clinic managers.  Topics presented at this workshop cover core educational and operational issues.  This workshop also provides an excellent venue for networking.

Audio/Web conferences are offered free to AFMA members and a minimal cost to non-members throughout the year.  Learn more about effective ways to scramble, recruitment tips, sponsoring visas, and other topics that help coordinators and administrators to grow professionally.

TAGME certification is available for those that meet the application criteria.   There are currently two opportunities for certification each year.  Since certification for family medicine was offered in 2008, there are 42 people in family medicine certified.  For more about TAGME certification, please visit

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